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Employee identification

For enterprises with high staff turnover and frequent card issuance, it’s important to make a high quality and inexpensive identity card which is convenient to update at any time. An employee ID card should include his name, picture, birthday, onboarding time, job title, apartment, site etc.

Attendance management

To manage employees’ attendance more convenient, an attendance checking system is needed. Employees could clock in to record his working time, with is easy to manage.

Guest visit

A visitor card or access control card could help enterprises to manage the guests. Visitor card or access control card could give guest a temporary permission to enter the company, and the card will expire within the given time.

Fixed assets management

Use an assets management card to gain proper asset identification methods which gives your company full visibility into your assets when paired with an asset tracking solution. You will know where your assets are located, even if they are used outside your business. You also will have records of asset usage and movement.

Seaory’s card printers has a fast speed when printing, it also allows a high quality edge-to-edge printing effect. Seaory also provides you kinds of smart cards to select. You could you’re your own customized designed pre-printed card.

The application of how Seaory card printer works on Tailand Department of skill Department

Technicians and stuffs are testing the machine

Tailand Department of Skill Project

This project is led by the Thai labor department, and the Thai government has made it an important task to improve the skills of people in various fields and industries, and with the gradual increase in unemployment in Thailand in recent years, it is especially important to improve the vocational skills of all people.

This program is combined with the Seaory S21 single-sided card printer to print and issue labor application cards. Thai employed or unemployed people can register with the Thai Ministry of Labor (referred to as: certification card), so this card is issued for Thai workers, workers can get some help from the Thai labor department with this certification card, such as learning some vocational skills by attending free courses to obtain industry certification, which greatly helps some workers to solve employment problems, and to a certain extent, can greatly improve the employment rate in Thailand. The employment rate in Thailand can be greatly improved to some extent.

Seaory S21 single-side card printer has the advantages of high quality printing effect, fast printing speed and nice stability, which is favored by Thai government in this project.

Seaory card printer’s application on daily work.

The government staff are testing the card printer.

China Social Security Card Project

China's third-generation provincial social security card issuance center is also known as the provincial social security card management platform and initialization center, which is the unified and standardized management agency of provincial social security card management center. A provincial social security card initialization center developed a large card issuing device based on Seaory S22K card printer and Seaory S20 card printer. With the help of Seaory's technology development team, the project has made significant breakthroughs and is now operational.

As a Chinese card printer brand that has been officially launched into the market for less than two years, Seaory card printer has successfully operated through this project, which once again proves the reliability of Seaory card machine in R&D, production and other aspects, as well as its cooperation in technical support. In the face of the production pressure of centralized mass card,, the card surface printing effect and personalized data processing are as stable as one card printer. It can be seen that the quality of Seaory card printer can stand the test of customers.

Seaory S22K card printer is working for the socail security card printing.

Seaory S20 card printer is working.

Seaory card printer in kiosk.

How Can I operate the card printer?

Please go our service&support page to download the corresponding specifications you need. If there is further more question, please click contact us and leave your email. Our staff will get in touch with you within 1-2 work days.

What if my machine is broken?

Seaory provides a comprehensive after-sale service within the warranty. We have professtional technician team, just leave your question, we will be in touch with you soon. And for the printer head, we promise you a Lifetime Warranty!

Where can I get the card?

Seaory is also a manufacturer of smart card. Please visit to choose the cards you want!

What if I want to have my own design?

Seaory’s self-developed card design software iCarde could help you! Go to choose card design software - Seaory iCarde to download what you want! If there are questions when you operate it, please feel free to contact us.

If there are further more question, please click contact us below!

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